The Benefits Of Alternative Fuel

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The first use of any form of fuel was nearly two million years ago thanks to the curiosity of Homo erectus. Since then fuel has become significantly more advanced, starting from ordinary wood to what is now comprised of numerous chemicals and life threatening processes to obtain liquid and gaseous fuels. These fuels are used to warm our homes, generate electricity, and even transport us from one end of the globe the other. The most commonly used fuels are charcoal, natural gases, and LPG. Most of the fuels we use today are problematic for future generations as they are non-renewable, and produce harmful chemicals that will traumatize the environment. Though no fuel is without it 's cons, the following data should suffice in explaining the benefits of alternative fuel 's such as Ethanol, Biodiesel, Hydrogen, Methanol and even sources that are always readily available such as solar, hydro, and wind. Today coal is one of the most utilized fuel sources, especially within the U.S. which comprises of 39% of U.S. 's electrical generation. Though its abundance and conversion to kWh 's makes it a potent supplier, trapped within coal are impurities such as sulfur and nitrogen that turn into pollutants once oxidized. Because of the hazards from burning coal the use of it as a fuel source has declined since its extensive use during the 1800 's. Oil is now the world 's number one transportation fuel source, and though it is not a significantly cleaner fossil fuel, it does produce less
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