The Benefits Of Ants

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Ants since the historic time does all the works like human beings. The ants are from the

unsocial insects from the family of FORMICIDAE along with related wasps and bees. Ants are

in nature with human beings where they hunt, rear, collect food, and even attack in need. They

have ways to communicate with the others through PHEROMONES, TOUCH AND SOUNDS.

The ants stay together in a system of colony where the society is divided among their different

worker classes the from the queen to the worker to the feeder. Earlier the ants were classified

along with bees and wasps. The ant colony consists of a fertile ant the Queen ant which

produces, and the colony also consists of fertile male ants the drones, then there are the general

clasees of workers who would feed
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“Surely they speak language whisperingly” 1.

The ants typically considered as nuisance and annoying to human beings, is

important for the human beings or the eco-system we live in. Ants are beneficial to the

environment in number of ways.

1. Ants DECOMPOSE the dead organic matter from our environment. As they feed on the dead

decaying animal remains.

2. The ants carry SEED on their back from the garden, which results in seed protection and fewer

weeds in the garden to grow out. Seeds are considered as an source of protein for the ants.

3. Ants like PREDATING on insects like flies, termites, caterpillars, fleas.

4. The ants also help in SOIL AERATION. The nest building activity of the ants help in soil

aeration so the other plants to get water to the roots.

5. Some plants provide with NECTAR to the ants, and the ants in return help the plant by feeding

on dead decaying matters or herbivores.

Ants as an insect are also used as a subject of entairtenment. There are songs

written regarding the way the ant moves, colonize, and work throughout the day. For
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