The Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

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By 2029, artificial intelligence will have the mind capacity of an average adult. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is an increasingly growing part of technology that affects society. AI is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that require human intelligence. It has superhuman capabilities such as programming, strategic planning and cybersecurity, which are beneficial to society. AI was just recently introduced and is progressing fast. It comes with many risks., such as being a threat to society, and being unable to stop it once it’s been released. Artificial intelligence is also beneficial because it improves transportation, education and healthcare. AI research is continually improving as time goes on. Researchers are looking for ways to help introduce artificial intelligence into society with trust from the public. AI will be a huge part of our society. Artificial intelligence is a real and looming part of the world. In an article by Forbes Tech, an interview was taken in 2015 with Elon Musk. Musk likened AI to “summoning the demon”. AI is said to be an emotionally reactive machine aware of its own existence, that is capable of visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between languages. Although AI is a great step in technology, it hasn’t always been around. In the database Britannica, a biography about Allen Newell was written. Newell is an American computer scientist and one of the pioneers of the
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