The Benefits Of Asteroids

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Science fiction story synopsis: An evil man plans to mine gold and other precious metals from asteroids to fund his worldwide domination. A team of skilled military trained astronauts will have to find a way to stop him. The countries of the world have to band together to find to prevent this from happening again. The story will include asteroid mining, 3D printing, water powered space craft, space weaponry, using radar and IR cameras to determine asteroid composition, and others. The story follows the actions of the villain and his demise at the hands of justice.

Near earth asteroid mining has great potential to benefit life on earth and make space travel far more accessible. There are practically unlimited resources available in asteroids. Using these instead of earthly resources would reduce the cost of space travel. Asteroid mining opens up incredible opportunities for space travel. Since asteroids are found throughout the solar system, contain elements that are useful and rare on earth, and can be used to manufacture equipment in space.

Asteroids are made up of various elements, each has its own benefit. There are numerous types of asteroids, some are loose clusters of rubble but the main ones are
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Since the world economy is based on the rarity of metals like gold and platinum, an abundance of these materials brought back to earth would upturn the system. Asteroids give essentially unlimited resources. John Lewis discussed in his book Mining the Sky that these untold trillions of dollars locked away in the asteroids could provide first world comfort for the whole world indefinitely[9]. There must be regulation. If too many precious metals are brought to earth, the value of them will decrease. Resources from asteroid mining are best for uses in space, constructing and maintaining equipment for space travel. Even when launch costs drop to $500-$1000 per kilogram, space mined materials will be worth $500,000 a ton
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