The Benefits Of Attending College After High School

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College After High School Every young adult knows the importance of getting an education. The future holds many opportunities, including a job that one can excel in and enjoy. Some people think that those who go to school waste their life on furthering their education, but who have longer lasting jobs and a bigger paycheck? According to The College Board Organization, going to college will let you explore various jobs and help find the career path that fits you (College: What It’s About). College gives someone the chance to be more independent and social. College sets a realistic plan for goals, making dreams more achievable and attainable (Beckstead). Attending college after high school expands your knowledge, helps the transition to adulthood, and prepares you for the future. Trying to stay motivated and on track after high school is hard. But going to college, keeps you on track and gives a reason to apply yourself. People who get a college degree are more productive to society (Is College Worth It?). More than half of college graduates donate blood compared to high school graduates (Is College Worth It?). Bureau Labor of Statistics found that 43% of the 2008-2009 college graduates volunteered. While only 19% of high school graduates volunteered (Is College Worth It?). Also some college graduates specialize in certain fields which are necessary for society. For example, the medical field provides us with services like doctors and dentists. People without a college

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