The Benefits Of Bilingual Education

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6. Conclusion
This chapter presents assertions on the findings to help draw conclusion on the benefits of bilingual education in Jamaica, the advantages and disadvantages of using creole in the classroom and whether or not use by teachers is positive or negative and finally some to the circumstances of the use of JC.
In this chapter the focus is to attempt to answer the research question through a combination of the information from the literature review with that from the findings gathered. The plan, to gather qualitative information from secondary school teachers which would highlight their opinions and attitudes on the use of creole in the Jamaican classroom, had achieved the purpose for which it was intended. Teachers were able to identify areas where creole could be found to be a useful tool in the classroom.
The initial research plan was to collect qualitative information/data from secondary school teachers across the corporate area in Jamaica. Initially, it was assumed that the data required would be enough to draw conclusions on the attitudes and opinions of Jamaican teachers on the use of creole in the classroom. In consideration of this, preliminary research questions were drawn for which the data would reveal answers to, in conjunction with the literature review that was previously conducted.
The main aim of the research was to find out from the teachers point of view on bilingual education and any benefits it had within the Jamaican’s current education
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