The Benefits Of Bottled Water

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Water is crucial to life; every human being needs water to survive. Water helps the body by nourishing it, making up most of our body, and helping with a healthy diet. However, people get water in different ways. One way to get this healthy drink is through bottled water. There is a huge debate whether or not bottled water is the way to go. The benefits of bottled water do outweigh the costs by several reasons. Bottled water is commonly more available to the people. For example, when going on vacation and having to drive for over ten hours or more, people will get thirsty and tap water is not available in the car. A few families bring a cooler with bottled water in them so that they can have water available when anybody wants a drink. To…show more content…
When natural disasters strike in the world, there are commercials advertised asking for numerous donations of food, clothing, and bottled water for the victims. One current disaster that the United States is concerned about is located in Flint, Michigan. In Flint, the residents’ tap water has been contaminated by the water pipes. Eliott C. McLaughlin from CNN did an article on the crisis in Flint. In the article he explains what happened to the tap water for it to be polluted. McLaughlin stated in the beginning of his article that “the state decided to temporarily switch Flint’s water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River as a cost-saving measure until a new supply line to Lake Huron was ready. The river had a reputation for nastiness, and after the April 2014 switch, residents complained their water looked, smelled and tasted funny” (McLaughlin). With the citizen’s public water being contaminated, they need clean water to continue their everyday living necessities such as washing clothes and taking baths. Through bottled water, the residents can get the clean water they need to survive. Other major natural disasters the bottled water aided in were Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami of Japan a few years ago. Natural disasters are liable to strike at any moment and bottled water is there to help the victims if their water is contaminated or if there is no tap water available. Additionally, bottled water is the way to go because it
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