The Benefits Of Burger King

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Place & Time

Burger King can set their branch store beside the highway or beside the petrol station, when the drivers are tired and hungry on their journey to their destination, they can rest and order the food at the Burger King. Burger King also can open their store in the city and there is no any fast food restaurant nearby. The Burger King can implement the plan 24 hours. This plan can make more people come to Burger King Store consume at the midnight when those people working until midnight. Other than that, Burger King can set the time for discount their product, like 6am to 10am, is breakfast time, all the breakfast style menu will free the coffee with the breakfast set meal. At the 12pm to 3pm is the lunch time, at the lunch time, Burger King will provide the dessert, 6pm to 9pm is dinner time, at the dinner time, Burger King will provide discount for the dinner set meal, we also can set the midnight time to provide the set meal for the people working until midnight. Nowadays teenagers and children like the fast food more than the family restaurant. Therefore, Burger King also can open the branch store at the school, college or
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Burger King must teach the staff before go inside the kitchen must ensure that there are to wash their hand and body clean and tidy. The machine of Burger King in the kitchen must do the check every month to ensure the smooth operation of the machine. The drive-thru system of burger king can be upgraded to the touch screen system to convenient people easy order the food in the car. Other than that, Burger King can set two counter at the drive-thru line, after customer order food from the machine, they can drive to first counter to paid the fee, after paid, they can drive to second counter to take their food and leave, this action can save more time for the

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