The Benefits Of Cell Phone Use In Class

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To Text or Not, is an article written by Will Brooks. Brooks writes about if students should be able to use cellphones during class. His argument is that cellphone use in the classroom may be beneficial to students but it can lead to cheating and other issues. Such as students not knowing what to do with all the information that was provided to them. Cell phone use during class time will help a student get a better view and feel of what the teacher is teaching. Cell Phone use not only provides faster information for students but also for teachers. Cell phones should be allowed during class time, because students will be able to search up information that the teacher is providing and can have a better understanding on the information the teacher is providing. With cell phone use in class students will be able to look for information and communicate with other students when they do not completely understand a lesson. Also if one is in a school where they can not afford tablets or laptops, using a cellphone during class will benefit the teacher because they can show their students exactly where to go and what they should click. Heather Waseman is pro cell phone use in class states the following “Banning cell phones for educational purposes in schools is a poor educational decision and poor business decision.” (Brooks 2) Waseman is saying that the using a cell phone in class not so bad when the school can control what the student may search up. Using cellphones in class will
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