The Benefits Of Censorship Of Music

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There's always an audience out there for any type of music; however, when it comes to paying for the music that people love, the majority would rather find it on the internet for free rather than have to spend actual money on Itunes or buy a CD. With the high prices of buying music, more and more people would rather turn to piracy or streaming rather than purchasing digital downloads or physical CDs. Before I even start to talk, yes, it is illegal to pirate music, and, yes, no one should do it. I'm only making the argument that people pirate music because of how expensive music is. If people don't have money to throw around, they're not going to spend it on music when they could get it for free. For a high school student without a job, that's a lot of money to spend on music; I'd much rather listen to the radio or stream some songs on Youtube rather than…show more content…
Is not produced the same way as movies or video games: music comes from an artist, and you paying money for that music helps to support that artist. For every album you pirate you steal a dollar from the artist, which definitely hurts, but you're really hurting the business behind the artists more than the artists themselves. No one can deny that album sales are an important source of income for musicians; however, it's not nearly as big a money-maker as many people believe. In actuality bands make most of their money on tour or selling things like t-shirts and stickers. If you truly wanted to support that artist you should buy some merchandise or see them live; otherwise, you're just feeding money to iTunes and their record label. In an interview with the Times Online in the UK Lady Gaga explained how touring is more important than album sales. On the other hand, piracy and file sharing can also lead to popularity, if your music is good, people will pirate it, they'll listen to it, and they'll spread it, creating a fan
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