The Benefits Of College Education

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Attending college is one of the biggest decisions for an individual; one that will have a great life-changing opportunity. Because of the asking price for higher education is really expensive, why should students choose to go to college? A college education is a place that provides a person the chance to be successful in life, whether ethically or economically dependent on their goals. As a matter of fact, a higher education is about so much more than preparing students for their chosen career. College is a time of personal and professional growth; it is a place to make lifelong friends, meet a spouse, develop professional networks, and discover mentors.
First of all, college education provides many people with a better future. As member
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Second, people who have higher education are more likely to be offered a high salary jobs. Studies show that college graduates receive significantly more money throughout their career than people with only high school education. According to a recent study from Georgetown University found that, “on average, college graduates earn $1 million more in earnings over their lifetime with the median yearly income gap between high school and college graduates is around $17,500(” Furthermore, big company employers also want their employee to be knowledgeable and skillful. Some companies that they would even pay for employees' tuition because it is such of great investment that will bring significant rewards, not only to the employee, but to the company as well. For example, aircraft manufacturer Boeing offers employees the Learning Together Program that will pays their employees' college tuition, books and fees for degree and professional certificate programs. They are also pays for specific courses at quality schools. It is just to show how important and how valuable a college education can be for both employers and employee.
Third, college education does not only help students to acquire jobs, but also allow them

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