The Benefits Of Community College

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Numerous students planning their future view community college as just a transitional step before high school, before university. While this is true, there are several advantages to attending a community college, such as an introduction to dorm life or a chance to get one’s background classes out of the way before university. Community college may also be the only college experience a student receives before he or she enters the workforce. Why, then, are so many students unable to complete community college? One article, “Revamping Community Colleges to Improve Graduation Rates” by Alina Tugend, offers an answer. Community colleges must change to offer more opportunities to low-income students, offer students more guidance going into community college, and help students when entering a university or the workforce. One of the selling points of community college is that it is open for all to attend, but one student coming from a low-income family might find that this is not so. The cost of the average community college is $3430, around one third the average cost of public instate tuition for a four-year university (Tugend). Many students must take out student loans until eventually, debt forces them to leave college and move into the workforce. Lowering the cost of community college would allow more students to finish their education their and enter the next part of their life. However, it is not only the cost of rooming, parking, and meals that cost students, but also the
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