The Benefits Of Defensive Pessimism

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From childhood to adulthood, some people are always pessimistic at every stage of life. Dejected for their homework and exams in schooldays, pessimists will be pessimistic about their job and relationships while working. Unfortunately, pessimists always believe that terrible things are going to occur on them in life rather than desirable ones, and tend to concentrate on the negative aspects of life. As a result, people think that pessimism only has bad effects on them. In contrary, Julie Norem, a psychologist who searches for pessimism for over two decades, verifies that not all pessimism is bad for people (101). There is one kind of pessimism called defensive pessimism which is a cognitive strategy to keep low expectation, has positive unexpected benefits. Pessimism can be good for health, performances and level-headed judgements.
As for the first point, people can keep health by reducing anxiety
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Defensive pessimism is a powerful motivation. Dr. Jeffery Rossman claims that pessimists’ natural tendency is to envision. Pessimists think of worst-case scenarios so they can be prepared for anything. With pessimistic attitude, people can protect themselves by taking constructive actions (5). From pessimistic envisions, pessimists think that a future event will go poorly, so they should take the necessary steps to make sure that future is desirable. Thus, pessimists tend to prepare better and feel more in control. In a sense, they have peaked in anxiety before their actual performance. By the time pessimists set out to solve the event itself, they have taken care of almost everything. Pessimism helps produce an incentive to be successful. Though people are bothered by the unpleasant feelings, they could use pessimism as drive to perform to the best of capacities. In a nutshell, people could often achieve targets on account of the motivation that pessimism
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