The Benefits Of Desalination Plants

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Desalination plants, are a poor route to go, if we are trying to reach an efficient and cost effective way to end the California drought. They have considered a couple of solutions that would have a similar outcome, but some residents do not agree with the other alternatives, such as waste water recycling because they do not like the idea of reusing water. We should choose to go another route other than a desalination plant because they are very expensive to run, there is no good location for one, and the process has a mass amount of carbon emissions. The desalination plants do have their benefits, but are not worth the risk.
The California drought has caused multiple ongoing problems throughout the last four years. This drought has been
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Desalination a process through which salt water is pumped from the ocean in to a treatment facility, and then the salt is extracted to make it possible to be used domestically. This is a long drawn out process, which involves seven different steps. The steps of desalination include the following steps explained by Eco Chem “Step 1. Seawater enters the desalination plant through an intake system about 300 meters offshore. Water enters at a low speed to avoid impacts on marine life. Step 2. Seawater passes through an initial screening to remove any debris. Step 3. Seawater is filtered to remove any fine particles. Step 4. Filtered seawater passes through the reverse osmosis membranes Step 5. Desalinated water is treated to meet strict Australian Water Guidelines. Step 6. Drinking water is pumped into the water distribution network. Step 7. Seawater concentrate is safely discharged to the ocean and dispersed through outlet diffusers about 300 meters offshore.” The steps of desalination are a very difficult and tedious task, which can be problematic.

Desalination plants take up an unreasonable amount of space, which is one of the main issues in this solution to terminate the drought and end water shortages for the state of California. These faculties used for this lengthy process need a substantial amount of space due to all the equipment needed for this process. It is almost un-logical to go forth with this because these faculties are humongous and California does not
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