The Benefits Of Electronic Health Records

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Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a method to restore patient health information, such as patient’s demographic, progress note, diagnosis, medication and so on, through electronic form (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, 2017). The benefit of EHR adoption is not only to replace paper work, but also assist with data creation, management, and sharing of patients’ health information to different providers and organizations across various states (Health IT, 2016). According to the HIMSS (2017), hospitals can be more effectively in evidence-based decision making, quality management, and outcome reporting under EHR systems. The aim of this paper is to explore the five largest hospitals in New York City, the EHR systems that…show more content…
The models facilitate clinical integration, physician practice management, and patient’s engagement. Patients are able to schedule their appointments and access their own medical information online (Monegain, 2015). Before athenahealth’ EHR system, New York—Presbyterian Hospital had used different EHR systems after the merger of New York hospital and Presbyterian Hospital in 1998 (Columbia Doctors & Weill Cornell Medicine, 2017). In 2005, the hospital started to use Cerner Corporation’s (2017) HIMSS Analytics’ EMR Adoption Model, and reached a stage that no more use paper charts. In addition, the hospital used the Allscripts EHR system in 2011 which assist with interoperability with the affiliated Columbia University Medical Center (EHR Intelligence, 2017).
For the second largest hospital—Montefiore Hospital, the current EHR system is Epic which started in January, 2014. Except for the capabilities to access to clinical information, appointment scheduling, the Epic EHR system offers financial management system as well. According to Montefiore Medical Center (2017), Montefiore Hospital is managing effectively with Epic EHR system. Even though these is no merger occurs in Montefiore Hospital within New York City after 1998, Montefiore Hospital tried different EHR system before Epic. Start from 1995, they established the integrated provider association (IPA) and care management company
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