The Benefits Of Football In Youth And High School Football

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If my son is interested in football I wouldn’t stop him and here’s why. Football as a sport benefits the economy, Teaches Youth discipline, And career opportunities. Youth and High school football Isn’t as dangerous as college football. It teaches Children important life lessons, college career choices, and lucrative financial opportunities. With this information in mind, The reasons why I would allow my son to play football is because If he is passionate about something and Enjoys it, then I would direct him towards that path while also prepare him to be responsible for himself, It would hold his interest and make them understand to always give their best effort if they desperately want something, And it would build his character and make him mentally and physically prepared for the rest of life. I would allow my son to play football because It is beneficial to my son’s health, his ability to stay mentally sharp and focused, as well as help keep the economy in good health.. One reason why I would let my son play football is because it would encourage him to pursue his dreams. Writer Felicity Luckey, was quoted to say, “Goals are attained not by strength, but by Perseverance” from her book, “Great Minds Think Fit”, The quote identifies the hardships that football players who complete their goals are persistent. They pursued happiness and their dreams using their mind and best effort that they could give. Provided explanation that even if you try your best in the

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