The Benefits Of Ginseng

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Ginseng is a perennial plant that is used as medicine in many places in Asia such as China, Korea and Thailand for thousands of years. It was shown that frequent consumption benefits a lot of different medical conditions, and it is also believed to be able to increase vitality and leads to long life span (Yadav, 2017).

Ginseng was introduced into the market from China to North America after the health benefits of ginseng were discovered by the Royal Society and that a particular form of ginseng was found in Canada (Nappi, 2015).

As Ginseng root is not only native to Asia but also to North America, Ginseng products are largely produced and exported in Canada, so a lot of Chinese tourists and residents purchase them as gifts for friends and relatives living in other places in the world.

There are a variety of ginseng products specific to pregnant women, students and elderlies. But the most popular and common ginseng product purchased by consumers is
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Where and how and by whom it is sold and consumed:
The ginseng teabags are sold at the Chinese speciality store called Sun Ming Hong located in Dundas Street West (Chinatown) in downtown Toronto.

The products are placed on a row with clear labels showing that the ginseng roots used are harvested in Ontario and the health benefits of consuming ginseng tea are also listed such as how it improves blood circulation and vitality. The salesperson also started to talk about how ginseng is associated with Chinese royalty and how consuming ginseng tea is a very healthy way to help maintain your body’s immune system to persuade customers to purchase the item. The guarantee refund from the store makes the health benefits of ginseng tea more convincing, and the price of ginseng teabags are also quite affordable since it is only made with 3 years grown ginseng roots rather than the 5 years grown ginseng
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