The Benefits Of Google Pays

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Google B-13. The benefits that Google pays obviously represent an enormous expense. Based on what you know about Google and on what you read in this text, how would you defend all these benefits if you’re making a presentation to the security analysts who were analyzing Google’s performance? Benefit Advantage High salaries Google salaries are highly competitive which allows the company to keep employees satisfied in this area. Stock options Stock options provide a financial incentive to employees. If the company does well, then the employees benefit financially. Providing this benefit has the effect of the employee having a vested interest in how the company performs; therefore, the employee will work hard, do their best work, and stay…show more content…
Google employees list this benefit as the most valued. Free shuttles, laundry facilities, oil changes, car washes All benefits to help employees deal with less stress for their outside work requirements. These amenities assist in reducing an employee’s stress and help in the employee feeling valued. Unlimited sick leave Keeps employees from coming into the office sick. This reduces the possibility of other employees getting sick. The company no longer has to track sick leave so it saves resources. TGIF parties and paid trips Google’s way to reward the team after working so hard to achieve their goals. A great way destress and team build. The long list of employee benefits assists Google in keeping employee’s engaged, retained, satisfied, motivated, and productive to be able to reach their individual, departmental, divisional, and company-wide goals. All of the above mentioned benefits makes the employees feel valued and respected; therefore, they are more likely to be retained. B-14. If you wanted to hire the brightest people around, how would you go about recruiting and selecting them? According to the Entrepreneur article Recruiting and hiring top-quality employees (n.d.), to recruit top talent a company must have a “well-structured recruiting and selection program” (para. 1). The process should include the following steps which I have tweaked slightly: 1. Develop accurate job descriptions 2. Develop a success profile based on your best performers. 3. Post
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