The Benefits Of High School Education

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Just having a high school education does not get you a great job nowadays. Jobs expect more, and with expecting more comes the pressure of having to go further then high school. Last October of 2013, 65.9 % of students who graduated high school enrolled in college. Not everyone gets the chance to go to college, but more than half of the students who graduate do because they need more then twelve years of school to get a good paying job. If the government thinks that education is essential for success, then why is it so expensive? There are various reasons why people could argue that college is not over priced and that it is fair, but those people probably come from wealthy families. It could also be that those are the people who do not…show more content…
Yes there is financial aid, but even with that students do not always get their college all paid for. People can even argue that there are loans that students can get, but what student wants to borrow money and end up being in debt before they can even start their career? There are students who really want an education and go to college even if it does cost a lot. They just decide to get loans, and pay them back when they can. Although loans do help out to a certain extent, they are very hard to pay off most of the time. “On average, students graduating in 2008 owed $23,200, according to a study by the Project on Student Debt, a non-profit organization. That figure represented an increase of about 25% increase over the corresponding 2004 data, suggesting that students debt is growing at an alarming rate.” (Article 1) Debt is growing because college prices are going up and it is harder for students to pay what they owe. Some students try to not get loans so they do not have to graduate owing thousands of dollars. “ Undergraduates routinely leave college owing tens of thousands of dollars, critics say. Indeed,
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