The Benefits Of Hotchkiss And Saint Paul's School

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Individuals with exceptional talent, exceptional motivation, or an exceptional bloodline, are commonly dubbed as the “elite”. These “elite” students often seek prestigious educational institutions to expand their opportunities to a new level. Preparatory schools like Hotchkiss and Saint Paul’s School fit the definition of prestigious institutions. The lessons these schools provide are very valuable to alumni, propelling them to a greater level of educational enlightenment, and preparing them for college and beyond. However, the leg-up these schools grant extend only to those enrolled, and may even detract from the education of the “masses”, or society as a whole. Hotchkiss and Saint Paul’s have a combined endowment of over one billion dollars, money that could be used to greatly improve some of the most impoverished school districts across the United States. Money is not the only resource taken up by these schools. Additional elements drained from public schools include dedicated faculty, a level playing field, and even the bright students themselves, as schools now lack certain role models to demonstrate motivation and success on multiple stages.…show more content…
Nevertheless, education of the “elite” in isolation of the “masses” provides value for society, as those with inherent gifts are given tools to improve their quality of life, while also using their learned moral responsibilities to make a better society, thereby benefitting
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