The Benefits Of Human Cloning

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Keeping up With an Evolving World The world is forever changing in every aspect of life. In order to avoid extinction, the human species must adapt to the emerging diseases that are responsible for changing the world. Human cloning has proven to provide some of the best protection against the ever-changing world and the diseases evolving with it. Despite the opposition to cloning expressed from a biblical perspective, human cloning is ethical because it provides substantial advancement in the medical field, specifically in the development of embryonic stem cells and vaccines, which is beneficial to all people. Human cloning has given rise to the development of embryonic stem cells, which are a necessity to living. The controversy about whether this is an ethical concept because of the amount of stem cells needed is extensive, the benefits that arise greater counteract the required resources. Without embryonic cells, humans would cease to exist because of their diverse needs. By using this technique of cloning, “cells could be made to grow into normal embryos, [and] the technique could supply fresh stocks of embryonic stem cells” (Rosen). By providing a supply of fresh embryonic stem cells, humans will have cells ready for use and can avoid many diseases. Not only will they provide extra stem cells but they may allow “once-untreatable conditions [to] be cured by replacing damaged cells with healthy ones” (Rosen). By replacing impaired stem cells, developing diseases can

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