The Benefits Of Human Cloning

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How would you like to have another you? No, not an identical twin but another person who is actually 100% you? Would the idea fill you with delight or horror?. As a genetic engineer as well as a senior researcher at the University of Adelaide I am terrified from where the research of cloning human would end up?. Human cloning also known as the creation of a genetically copy of a human, infect cloning is the creation of an organism that has an exact genetic copy of another. Since the cloning of Dolly the Sheep in 1997, research of human cloning has been on the edge of the seat. It brings many benefits including, elimination of the birth defects, through manipulate the embryos gene to remove the birth defect and provide them a healthier life. However, it will bring numerous disadvantages into the world that over shadows its benefits including, everyone not being able to afford it due the expense, individuality of the cloned person is destroyed and, creates a religious conflict.
Economic issues are potentially the main threat of human cloning arising as the research continues to grow. The (National Human Genome Research Institute, 2016) estimates that about 40-50 million dollars are spent each year around the world in the research of human cloning. While this money could be used in the fighting the middle east, world hunger as well as other important things where the world is still behind such as cancer research, millions of people are dying each year due to lack of

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