The Benefits Of Incentives For Clinical Trial Participation

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In the Product factor, the “Relevance of the product” presents the highest mean (4.217) and 6 the “Method of data collection” variable the lowest (3,646). The “Product” dimension spans 7 8 innovation, relevance and the testing methodology; the mean for this factor (4.007) ranks it as 9 of intermediate importance in comparison with other factors. 11 12 13 In the Incentives factor, the aspect “To have access to free examinations” gains the highest 14 mean value (4.239) with the “Payment/financial incentives” variable presenting the lowest 16 (4.024). The factor “Incentives” derives its name from grouping variables such as the 17 18 opportunity to receive free health care, financial incentives and other incentives (offers, 19 20 samples, vouchers, etc.); its mean score (4.114) turns out one of the highest and thereby 21 emphasising the influence of incentives to clinical trial participation. 22 23 24 25 26 Contact forms and communication tools 27 28 29 30 Questionnaire analysis allowed us to infer that higher education students prefer the 31 Internet/Social Networks/Blogs (86%) as a means of contact for raising awareness and/or 32 33 participating in a clinical trial; however, that health professionals attain a considerable 34 35 percentage (73%), as does email (68%), is also noteworthy. When asked about the 36 media/tools that might increase their interest and/or participation in clinical trials or
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