The Benefits Of Instrumental Music

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Music to my Ears: The Benefits of Instrumental Music
It 's happened to us all - instead of working on that persuasive essay or that chemistry homework, we spent the week hanging out with friends or watching YouTube videos, leaving us with a huge workload to finish the night before its due. We 're up at 12:30 AM trying to figure out what to write about or how to solve that problem, all while stressing about our grades or our sleep schedules. We try to work on the schoolwork, but we end up getting distracted by small things like how unorganized our desks are. We wake up the morning after and think, “Why couldn 't I focus last night.” If this happens to you too often, here 's a piece of advice: listen to instrumental music. If you listen to
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It is also able to block out distractions around us – noise-cancelling headphones, for instance. By improving our attention span and blocking out distractions, music allows us to get more work done in a shorter time.
Instrumental music also helps relieve stress, which not only inhibits a person 's work efficiency but also affects his/her health in general. When we are stressed, we tend to not be able to sit down and work on assignments for long periods of time. Imagine that your day has been going terribly; your car wouldn’t start this morning, you were late for your morning class, you spilled your pasta on your expensive shirt, etc., and you got home and needed to study for a big exam the next day. Naturally, you wouldn’t have any motivation to study, despite the upcoming exam. However, if you played slow, calm music, your frayed nerves would instantly be soothed from the moment the music starts. If you followed this up by playing epic-sounding music, you’ll likely find the urge to get some studying done, making that exam much easier for you. Upbeat instrumental music has the ability to make us feel more optimistic (Baker), which not only makes us worry less about things in our lives but also makes us better people in general (Conversano). On the other hand, slow music can cause us to subconsciously relax our muscles, which also relieves stress (“Releasing”). No matter if the music is laid-back or high-tempo, it can take stress off your
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