The Benefits Of International Adoption

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International adoption can be such a rewarding journey for many parents, but that does not mean that journey is always easy. Adopting children from foreign countries is a process that has lots of tight rules and regulations. Many families who have the desire to adopt internationally are sometimes negatively affected by such strict requirements, which alter their chances to adopt. There are many reasons that international adoption is such a hard process and some are not even the adoption that causes setbacks. Some countries like Ethiopia face setbacks due to fraud and corruption.
Other reasons as to why adoption is so difficult is the Hague and Non-Hague adoption processes. In the article “Baby Blues: Why the International Adoption Process Needs an Overhaul the Alexa Clark writes, “The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption created laws that called for oversight from a centralized body and mandate that states thoroughly search for domestic adopters before resorting to adoption abroad” (Clark). It was intended to prevent corruption and make adoptions more transparent, but implementing its rules has led to slowdowns or shutdowns in some countries. The Non-Hague approach is for countries who did not want to implement the Hague rules and for those countries prospective adopting parents would just follow those countries specific rules. The problem with both of these approaches is the idea that if so many countries have different rules and requirements, it does not make the
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