The Benefits Of Interracial Friendships

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It was once stated by an unknown author, “ Friends are made by heart, not by skin color.” This quote is clearly depicted in the novella The Heroic Slave and in our world today. When a child begins to grow up and start to make friends, they are attracted to any person that will interact with them no matter the color of their skin. But when that child becomes older, fully understands world issues, and starts to leap towards adulthood they begin to realize that everyone does not look or act the same as one another. Occasionally, children will pick up on how their parents treat others of a different race and choose to mimic their parents reactions unknowingly. If children are choosing to follow in their parents footsteps, racism will increase and interracial friendship will decrease. In a CNN case study, it was said that sixty-six percent of non-white people say that racism and prejudices are a huge deal in America. It is hard for a plethora people to see the benefits of interracial friendships because many are already prejudice against different races in their hearts. If the generation’s of today can change the outlook on this type of friendship, the prejudice rates will decline. Even though some believe that you cannot connect with people of a different race, interracial friendships have a strong and more unique bond. First, interracial friendships have a more unique bond because they are the fundamental beginning of liberty for America. These friendships involve a sharing
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