The Benefits Of Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga is an indispensable aspect of the Aquarian Teacher program in the sense that it is a science as well as a technology that assists candidates to develop comprehensively in their endeavors to become Kundalini Yoga instructors. Taught principally by Yogi Bhajan, the science focuses exhaustively on yoga traditions that harness the nervous and psychological as well as the physical energy of the entire human anatomy. This is because Kundalini Yoga combines breathing practices, chant, and meditation, together with physical exercises. The results of a research conducted by Arambula, Peper, Kawakami, and Gibney (2001) affirm this as they reveal that a considerable correlation exists between yogic meditation practices and human physiology. In other words, Kundalini Yoga is a communicational science that incorporates all yoga limbs into a remarkable practice of delight and excellence at the highest level of self-consciousness. The accounts above only provide a gist what Kundalini Yoga entails. For this cause, purpose-oriented research is carried out to assist in comprehending the concepts surrounding this mystical practice in a deeper way. This essay addresses a
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This, coupled with pressure exerted on the glandular system and the abdominal organs, boosts the circulatory, cardio, and general health of an individual. The other benefit is that yoga assists in increasing the flexibility and strength of muscles, leading to improved all-around fitness. Mayo Clinic Staff (2015) attest to this, and adds that reduction of anxiety, insomnia, stress, and obesity-related or weight-related comorbidities are other scientifically proven benefits of yoga. Other benefits of the yoga practice include fostering greater inner peace, maintenance of balance respiration and metabolism, enhanced vitality and athleticism, and improved resilience against physical

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