The Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

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Everyone who utters a word speaks a language, but if nobody understands a language someone speaks, then communication becomes very difficult no matter how much explaining is done. Languages are used globally, yet they vary from country to country. Although languages vary a lot, it's important to learn other languages to build understanding. Most students are taught foreign language during their time in high school. learning a new language has been taught in high school where more students start their couple of year first starting a new language that they may have never heard of before. Although foreign language may be difficult for high school students, it helps them get a job, gain opportunities, and provide a different perspective of the world. First, many high school students can learn a foreign language to help them get ready for high school to become a translator. According to a high school teacher, “we are giving students a leg up in the world that will require them to interact with the people abroad.” The teacher is thinking that adding a foreign language in high school would can help the world by breaking language barriers in foreign language. This would help the future of the students in life that would go outside of the United States. Not only does knowing a foreign language help a person speak another language but many other big or small business will want to hire high school students. “According to many people in the world they say that the more language a high school student know can benefit for into getting a job.” Therefore, the more languages a high school student know now the higher the chance they will get the job than the person next to the applicant. Knowing a foreign language will be able to help the big businesses that are from different countries to work together. There are many foreign countries that are incorporated into the United States whose workers don't speak English and will require assistance from someone who knows their language. There is a variety language spoken in the United States which we haven’t heard of. In a census it shows, “The Census shows that in 2010 there has been an increase of population in the United States by 43%.” This tells us that more immigrants will
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