The Benefits Of Maintaining A Motivated Workforce

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Introduction This report is based on the ways of maintaining a motivated workforce in the Tourism and Hospitality organisation and explaining ways to contribute a happy and satisfied worker in the Tourism and Hospitality organisation and the skills to show a good worker and what they need to show to be a responsible adult and worker when they are working in the Tourism industry or any industries for that matter. I also will be talking about the concepts to maintain a good workforce and the advantages and disadvantages that they have when delivering a happy workforce in the industry.

Disadvantages of maintaining a motivated workforce When motivating employees to get their job done and at satisfactory or better level can be challenging because you want your staff member to show motivation when they are self-inspired to perform tasks and to be proud of their work product. There are employees who do not have the drive to succeed which can affect the Tourism industry and can also have an impact on other at the workplace, which can affect the success of any business that people have. Sometimes you would find that business can lead to the downturn because people may have troubles keeping their business a flow or they can even have problems making a profit which is a disadvantage to the industry. When you have dissatisfaction when keeping the office environment which is leading to no employee motivation which can lead to negative consequences.
Looking into the company goals
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