The Benefits Of Marching Band

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The Benefits of Marching Band Ebony K. Lawton Dr. Cloud Foundations for Success Brenau University The Benefits of Marching Band “Hut one, hut two, hike!” from the football team, “Go Panthers, go!” exclaim the cheerleaders and “To be, or not to be…” from the drama club. Walking through a high school on different days of the week one can hear students practicing and the students can be found all over the campus in various extra-curricular activities. Then a whistle sounds, a drum major loudly commands the band to attention. Hundreds of students dedicating their time for the sound of music. Time that they could be using to do homework or at the mall with friends because it will all be worthwhile. Apart from being beneficial as an extra-curricular activity, band is an especially optimal option because of the continued music education. Overall, the marching band is beneficial because of the social and cognitive development and students can build a strong sense of responsibility and leadership. Social Platforms Socially, students form lasting bonds. Members of the band connect with one another, being that they go on trips together, rehearse music, and attend football games and other functions. Even if some members are not friends, they will still be able to relate. Additionally, the students develop substantial intrapersonal skills. Learning how to communicate with others is an essential life skill. Also, being in marching band is physical, so collectively students can
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