The Benefits Of Medical And Recreational Marijuana

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Park Hegeler The Benefits of Marijuana The question of whether or not to legalize the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana has been an ongoing debate ever since President Nixon declared the war on drugs in 1971. The main question that circulates this debate is, do the benefits of medical and recreational marijuana justify its legality? Marijuana is one of the only drugs that has numerous medicinal properties that can do everything from managing chemotherapy side effects, to putting an end to chronic seizures. Along with its medical benefits, it has many religious uses as well. But since marijuana is illegal this restricts citizens first amendment right to freedom of religion. Legalizing marijuana would bring in an additional three billion dollars a year in taxes alone, which would help bring our nation out of its 18 trillion dollar debt. Not to mention, the legalization of marijuana would lower the number of drug related crimes which would help put an end to “the war on drugs”. Through out the past couple of decades, research has proven that marijuana contains numerous health benefits than can be of aid to many different fields of medicine. Marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes like providing pain relief when normal pain medicines don 't work or have unwanted side effects. An anonymous survey conducted at the Berkeley California Patients Group, a medical marijuana clinic in Berkeley California, found that 66% of the 350 surveyed use marijuana as a
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