The Benefits Of Mining As A Business Opportunities For Investment In Cameroon

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This paper is a speech I presented to a group of international visitors from Saudi Arabia in 2017. The purpose of the speech was to inform them of the potential and the advantages of investing in the financial sector and particularly the microfinance sector in Cameroon. Purely a Muslim country. So, this presentation will consider the social custom of the Kingdom. I all did ensure my presentation finish well ahead of prayer time. All local participants were informed to dress decently. Speech to contain no religion-related remarks. As a Muslim country alcohol consumption forbidden and acholic drinks will not be served during seminar and investment opportunities in this domain will therefore no be welcome by our Saudis visitors Mining as…show more content…
Next, with an educated workforce investment can be open anywhere. In addition, with an attractive corporate tax policy, our tax rate is among the lowest in the sub-region. Furthermore, market regulation is such that it makes your investment lucrative. Also, the country is Bless with road infrastructure and energy to guarantee large-scale production. Still, reforms of the investment laws are such that Direct Foreign and indirect Foreign investment present a private sector friendly environment. All these factors will take you through a smooth integration into the global supply chain of both local and international market. Cameroon is bless with a rich subsoil and a great mining potential of its emerging market. Mining in Cameroon is still growing but present very attractive business opportunities. The bauxite reserves discover so far ranked Cameroon 5th with an estimated potential of more than 1.5 billion tons. Next, cobalt and nickel very important for the technology sector present some important reverses of about 52 million tons in the Eastern part of the country. The gold potential of Cameroon stretches from the Far North to North Region, through Adamawa, East to the South West Region. Recently gold deposit has been discovered in the Center region precisely in Eseka. Diamond has also been discovered and estimated to cover a surface area of about 700sq Km. Lastly, point to

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