The Benefits Of Multicultural Competency

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Multicultural competency is the awareness and unification of people of diverse

backgrounds. It is the cornerstone of unity, synergy, and growth that is required in today’s world

where globalization has taken a center stage in every industry. Before globalization in the

business world, multicultural competency was rife during the colonization era. It could not have

been felt anywhere better than the United States of America when British decedents crossed the

sea to North America in their adventurous pursuits. They met the Red Indians, the natives who

were pushed to the mainland and later to the South of America. Whilst the British imposed their

culture on the natives, it was evident that the culture native in the land rubbed off on them. As

the years ebbed
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Furthermore, Ethnic/Racial balance brings along innovation and financial growth more



than gender balance. Besides, financial performance, which is the main metrics attribute in any

organizations success, it is clear that multicultural competence also has a hand in overall

creativity, innovation and spontaneous breakthroughs in organizations across the globe.

Another benefit of multicultural competency is market access. A study by the same

Boston Consulting Group reveals that those multinationals that are currently thriving in

conducting business in Africa are those that have taken in multicultural competency more as a

strategically than a show under the eyes of Public Relations and Policy. These companies have

been able to bring in talent across Africa, which in turn works for them to enable a growing a

firm business in the region (Boston Consulting Group, 2015).

The rich mix of staff from diverse culture has brought about a better understanding of the

markets in the region, understanding of people and demand. With such knowledge,
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