The Benefits Of New Zealand

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We are all driven to lead fulfilling lives, and the majority of the population throughout the ever-evolving world has thought about their future and how they are able to continue to support themselves and their families throughout their entire life time, whether that is through things such as sickness, disability and even aging. Throughout the modern world there have been schemes and ideas on how the government are able to support their citizens throughout these difficult times. Things such as the sickness benefit, accommodation expenses, childcare subsidy, orphans benefit, disability allowance, funeral grant and the pension, just to name a few, are some schemes set up by the government to help out their citizens when they are in trouble,…show more content…
As the mortality rate among men and women began to rose higher, the state slowly became to realize it was unjustly to let elderly fend for themselves and something needed to be done about it.

During the nineteenth century, as briefly mentioned people who were unable to look after themselves could not rely on their governments and had to rely on their communities. Those who were deemed as deserving were helped by their family, friends, neighbors, community groups, churches, charitable aid and benevolent services. Many of these services were set up by women which included groups such as Benevolent societies formed in Dunedin in 1862, in Christchurch in 1865 and in Wellington 1867, Auckland Ladies’ Benevolent Society formed in 1857 and Onehunga Ladies’ Benevolent Society formed in 1863. Churches set up soup kitchens, night shelters that were specifically for men, orphanages and prisoner schemes that help kept newly released inmates out of trouble and taught them valuable life lessons. The Churches also ran homes for troubled women, which later ended up being turned into a safe place for single mothers and their children. As time continued to pass rapidly, it became clear that relying on the community was simply not enough and the Liberals were
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