The Benefits Of Parod Road

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It’s a smooth bus ride until we turn onto New Haven. BUMP! BUMP! We bounce down the road, clinging to our belongings so that they won’t fly everywhere. To improve our community of Floyd, I suggest that more roads, such as New Haven, need to be paved. Floyd has been honored by national polls for best small towns, but tourists don’t want to drive down unpaved roads! Setting a smooth, solid surface would improve everyone’s safety as well. Better roads would benefit us all! Floyd County is on a bigger stage, as we have Floyd Fest, Friday Nite Jamborees, and other tourist gathering attractions. We have even been named to USA Today’s Top 10 Southern Small Towns! With more people coming in from around the country, our roads are being used more often.…show more content…
They worry about gravel or potholes messing up their cars. Some may even worry a pothole could cause them to swerve and wreck, or get stuck! I think the problem that most people think of on a dirt road, is rising dust and getting their car dirty. A nice, clean, paved road to drive on would make more people content, so they won’t have to detour around the dirt. Paved roads would increase safety for people. Most dirt or gravel roads are smaller than the standard 2 lanes, and some even only one lane. Two cars wouldn’t be able to pass each other without one pulling to the side for the other. What if somebody was coming, but you couldn’t see them because of a bend or hill? That is a dangerous situation you don’t want to find yourself in. Safe, 2 lane roads, with visible lines, would create a better driving environment for everyone. In conclusion, more paved roads is an improvement I would like to see in Floyd County. To live up to our Best Southern Small Town standards, we really must provide great roads for our drivers. Paving would also increase the safety of our citizens. In addition, driving on dirty and dusty roads is a hassle that people avoid! While Floyd County is a beautiful home for me and I am blessed to live here, I want my next bus ride to be one I don’t have to bounce
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