The Benefits Of Performance Management System

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The first step in convincing a customer to change any system is to understand the challenges it faces. Secondly, an organization wants to know how the change would save them money. Thirdly, an organization needs to know what differences they would face, and lastly, what are the expected benefits of that change. Customers want to have their needs fulfilled. Therefore, it is up to the providers of services to determine what those needs are, and what challenges stand in the way of fulfilling those needs. Often, companies like Microsoft, find change difficult especially when it involves changing systems that have been implemented for years. Unfortunately, some companies fear change because of the unknown consequences, poor timing, possible…show more content…
Thus, one of the ways I was able to convince Microsoft to change its system was by being genuine in my assessment, communicating clearly, stating the added benefits, I actively sought feedback, and listened, to name a few. Accordingly, Microsoft wanted to know what were the noted differences between the current and suggested systems. Correspondingly, I shared that evaluations would have to be performed more often, the new system would be more flexible, improvement would be a continuous process, the rating system would change, the system would be in accordance with the objectives and goals of the organization, and can be customized per employee, to name a few. Conversely, the appraisal system is a limited stringent approach to evaluating performance, only conducted annually, based upon monetary gain, and is a top-down approach. Lastly, Microsoft wanted me to explain the overall benefits of implementing the new system. Confidentiality and security of the system would be greatly enhanced because of the added benefit of Cloud security methods, the value of the employees would increase because of the continuous performance evaluations and training, this system will provide increased competitive advantage and brand recognition. In addition, the system can provide increased organizational performance, information access, clearly defined objectives and goals, is a
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