The Benefits Of Planned Parenthood

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How would it effect a person if their only means of certain medical services was cut off? That is exactly what will happen to many people across the country if the federal funding to Planned Parenthood is cut like many people are pushing it to be. However, many people do not realize how beneficial Planned Parenthood is and what the centers actually offer. Planned Parenthood offers many services such as abortion services and referrals, birth control, HIV services, STD testing and vaccines, amongst many others. Without Planned Parenthood centers, many people have to go without certain things because either they will not be offered anymore in specific areas through other clinics, or because people will not be able to pay for those certain services (Mitts & Attanasio, 2017, p.1). With that being said, Planned Parenthood centers are beneficial to many men and women across the country and should definitely continue to be funded. What is expected to happen if Planned Parenthood is actually defunded or if the organization’s centers were closed? Some people like to say that it would cause a “health scare” (“Defund” Defined, n.d., p.1) Many men and women would lose their means of receiving the care they once previously relied on, such as the cancer screenings, birth control and STD testing and treatments, which is what the organization offers. If the organization was closed it would cause people who live in rural areas, people of color and people with low incomes the most
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