The Benefits Of Planned Parenthood

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With the recent Presidential election indignation is evident within the citizens. Left and right issues are emerging. One controversy in particular is the government funding of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is a health care service that caters to an array of people, from low income families to the youth. The government should fund Planned Parenthood because besides funding abortion, it also offers general, affordable healthcare, and provides services to the LGBT community. As people persist to debate on Planned Parenthood the division of abortion is often disputed. The basis for this is because people are concerned about the abortion service Planned Parenthood executes. According to USA Today Planned Parenthood has offered approximately 327, 653 abortions. Of course, most people view this as morally wrong due to religion and ethics. In a more conservative view Life Action sees abortion as snuffing out the life of an individual. As a majority America sees abortion as blasphemous, and it is. However, it should still be legal up to a certain point and up until that point only the parents establish that preference and no one else. Another main apprehension people have with Planned Parenthood is that it doesn't help the majority and is targeted at only a insufficient apportionment of citizens. Once again, according, to USA Today Planned Parenthood only has 2.7 million patients while a community health center sustains more than 21 million. However, that slight amount of
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