The Benefits Of Play Chapter 1 Analysis

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Chapter one is a chapter that has multiple examples of what play is and how it has benefitted others when it is incorporated in their lives. It explains the purpose of the book is to understand the role of play and using to find truth within ourselves Interesting Quote: “I suppose that now people would say she had ADHD, but people didn’t know you have that then,” Robinson says wryly (Brown, pg.12). I find this quote interesting because the girl that was assumed to have ADHD didn’t have it all. She was a kinesthetic learner and eventually became a world renowned dancer. Personal Response: Chapter one is of course meant to introduce the entirety of the book however, the way this book starts of is unique. The book begins with the narrator explaining the example of play his dog showed when he arrived on a farm…show more content…
I am involved in play just not as often as I should. Play is very important and so far I have worked way more than enjoying myself. There has to be a good balance of play and work in my life. The Benefits of Play Summary: This article explains how play benefits us personally, socially, educationally, and culturally. It also explains how sociodramatic play is important because it helps us understand how life works even as children. Interesting Quote: “One of the biggest social benefits from imaginative play is that it satisfies both the needs of the group and the needs of the individual (Blanter, pg.40).” I find this quote to be interesting because it show that things that would seem childish have major benefits for groups of people involved in imaginative play. I noticed as an adult that being involved in imaginative play really brings out a side of you that seems to be neglected. Catching an invisible ball is something I still find to be fun and I began to embrace it when I was playing with a group of people. Personal
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