The Benefits Of Playing Soccer

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To many, soccer is just another sport. There are very few people that really have a the passion for the lifestyle. Soccer may not be for everyone, but for those who choose to participate, can learn many meaningful life lessons. Not only is soccer just kicking a ball into a net or passing a ball to a teammate. Playing soccer teaches dedication as well as solid work ethic, but it also teaches leadership skills and how to think quickly. Many culture standards include playing soccer which can serve as a gateway as a parental figure because it teaches many life lessons. Playing soccer first teaches dedication and time management. Generally people start playing sports at a young age which means that they will have school and possibly a job. This…show more content…
Soccer opens up new doors all over the world that would never have been thought of. Whether it is playing soccer, coaching soccer or even working for a soccer team it creates opportunities. Staying in the states to play soccer opens up opportunities in itself. The main reason people play soccer in college is to get college paid for through scholarships. After college it is also possible to play soccer as a profession if you are good enough. Since it is one of the fastest growing sports in the US, it means that there are more people being exposed. When there are more people that are exposed to the sport it will automatically get people to connect with each other and talk about it. People start coming together because they are teammates and it creates a domino effect of people meeting new people and making new connections. Playing soccer gave me the opportunity to come to Spain and play soccer here. It has given me chances to expand my soccer knowledge, meet new people and experience a new culture on my own. Without soccer none of this would have been possible. Coming to Spain on my own so far has taught me a lot on it's own, maturing me as a person. So far I have increased my organizational skills and time management. There are many difficulties that needed to be overcame when I first moved here like moving in with roommates, grocery shopping and living in a foreign
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