The Benefits Of Playing Sports In High School

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Both playing sports in High School and not playing sports in High School can be used as an advantage, but playing sports in High School can ultimately involve the individuals that are uninvolved, to create a bond with others and expose themselves to a social environment. For example, respect and responsibility can be practiced through a myriad of things by playing sports, while not playing sports can too. With the intentions that the person has a job outside of school. Overall, being an athlete teaches an individual life skills that can be used as an advantage over those who choose to be non-athletes. Although not playing sports in school can allow an individual to have other hobbies or interests, playing sports encourages students to make smart choices outside of school and essentially create a healthy lifestyle. For example, students who have low self-esteem and have no other alternatives to keep themselves occupied are likely to undergo peer pressure. This may include the use of drugs, the habit of consuming alcohol, or simply falling behind in school. In the same way, non-athletes may be using their time by hunting, fishing or hanging out with friends in the mall. Non-athletes are not all troublemakers, but have the tendency to make the wrong decisions with all the extra time they accumulate in comparison to those who are involved. Both playing sports and not playing sports allow students to get an understanding of having responsibilities. A person's
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