The Benefits Of Raising Minimum Wage And Raise Society

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Raise Minimum Wage, Raise Society
Compensation for labor and skills is the cornerstone of the American economy. It is how citizens provide for their living and contribute to the fabric of our society. However, there are many in the workforce that earn an income, yet stay below the poverty level due to their minimum wage salary. Raising the minimum wage will offer relief to the millions of people in our country that struggle to get by, even though they are gainfully employed. According to Chang, “74 percent of Americans say they want to raise the minimum wage, and the Maine measure passed with 420,000 votes--more than any ballot initiative in state history” (Chang). Although it seems that many Americans believe that the minimum wage should be raised, there are still those that oppose any measure that supports such a move. Still, through the controversy surrounding the idea of raising the minimum wage, experts agree that the benefits of eradicating poverty, boosting the economy and improving the standard of living far outweigh any negative outcomes.
Many of the people who work for a minimum wage salary live in poverty because there is simply not enough income to do more than survive. In the article “The Case for a Higher Minimum Wage,” The Editorial Board shows that a family of two used to be able to live off of minimum wage, but that was when the minimum was about half of the average wage; now, the minimum wage would have to be increased to $10.10 an hour to keep pace with
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