The Benefits Of Raising Minimum Wage

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Do you believe minimum wage should be raised? Minimum wage means that a person is earning $7.25 or less per hour depending on their occupation. For many years now, minimum wage has been a huge controversy. I believe many people that work and earn above minimum wage believes that minimum wage should not be raised. Whereas the other people that is working and earning minimum wage believe that it should be raised. Raising minimum wage may have more positive than negative outcomes and increasing it can help many people in different ways. Three reasons why minimum wage should be raised are poverty, it would increase consumer spending, and it would improve the people earning minimum wage health. The second reason why minimum wage should be raised is it would improve the public’s health. For the people that work and earn minimum wage, either they can’t afford healthcare, or they have health care but have the lowest health care plan and still must pay a copay fee. If a person in poverty can’t afford to pay their bills or but food for their house, how can they afford an extra bill such as the copay? In Krisberg’s article she states, “the health department released a white paper on income and health, which showed that income is not only ties to health, but to the factors that create the opportunities for better health, such as safe homes, nutritious foods, and good schools.” This statement is proving that income is tied to multiple things that affects people’s everyday
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