The Benefits Of Raising The Minimum Wage

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Raising the minimum wage helps both the employees and employers. Boosting the economic growth in America. Minimum wage helps ensure a fair wage for the low paid workers. There have been debates on this economical topic for years, whether if it should or shouldn't be raised. In the United States, the Minimum wage should be raised. By doing so it brings good benefits and keeps the economy stable.
Raising minimum wage helps improve the public health in the United States. The public health effect is often left out whenever there is a discussion on raising the minimum wage. The public health impacts greatly on low-income Americans by raising the minimum wage. By improving the health of many Americans, medical care cost would also change. Zhou Chen and David Meltzer conducted a research if both the obesity rates and minimum wage are connected in a way. By using the data from Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System also known as BRFSS, Chen and Meltzer were able to find a connection between the two. “BRFSS interviews more than 350,000 adults each year, making it the largest health survey in the world.”
Through the PSID DaeHwan and J. Paul Leigh found that low wage does increase obesity and body mass by a statistical test. “Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) is a long-term survey of a set of households in the United States.” Around $190 billion dollars are spent on obesity each year in medical bills. If the minimum wage raised, there would be a ten percent decrease in
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