The Benefits Of Renewable Source Of Energy

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Gasohol is a mixture of gasoline and 10% of ethanol that help in cleaner- burning methods (Berget al., 2011). Biomass can also be converted into liquid fuels like ethanol and methanol that can be used for internal combustion of engines (Berget al., 2011). Plant and animal oils also called as biodiesel is a famous alternative fuel for engines such as trucks and other agricultural equipment’s (Berget al., 2011). This biodiesel burns much cleaner than diesel fuel (Berget al., 2011).
According to Bosch and his colleagues, the demand for renewable source of energy is exceeding political agendas (2015). Renewable energies is in great interest of developed countries that lack fossil fuels (Bosch et al., 2015). Even the environmental or social
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The production of electricity uses the fossil fuels which are depleting at a very high rate as they are non-renewable, so an alternate way is needed to cope up with this problem. Solar energy is an efficient and environment-friendly resource of energy. Moreover, it is a renewable source which could be utilized for sustainable development because the use of non-renewable resources like fossil fuels depletes these natural resources for future generations as they are formed over millions of years as the dead plants and animals decay over long time. Not only these fossil fuels gets depleted, but also the burning of these fuels emits greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide which have a great impact on the environment as these GHG emissions affects the climatic conditions and makes it unstable. There is rise in the temperature causes global warming and badly affect the life on earth and the emission of harmful gases pollutes the air. And after having these many bad influences, the demand of electricity for the whole world remains unsatisfied and the world faces energy poverty. Moreover, these non-renewable are not economically sustainable as it costs a lot for the production of electricity using the fossil fuels like coal.
Solar energy could be utilized for a sustainable development as sun is the biggest and natural source of energy which is clean and
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