The Benefits Of Robotic Surgery

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Arshpal Grewal
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Elizabeth Swindell
12 November 2014
The Benefits of Robotic Surgery
What usually comes to mind when one hears the term “robotic surgery”? There are not live robots who operate on a patient. In actuality, the robots do not think by themselves, as they are completely controlled by the surgeon (Herron). These da Vinci Surgical System is starting to become more common in the United States, as it is the only robotic system that has clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (Bush et al. 2). At this modern age, computer-assisted robotic surgery must be used to enhance the overall well- being of the patients and the productivity of a hospital using the capabilities of the da Vinci Surgical System. The robotic system’s function allows patients to have specific advantages in many different types of procedures. The da Vinci Surgical System is used most often for urologic surgery, especially radical prostatectomy, but it has advantages in gynecology, thoracic surgery, cardiac, and head and neck surgery (Herron; Rasweiler 117). These various areas utilize the da Vinci System to improve the condition of their patients. But how does the robotic system work? The surgeon sits in a “console” a few feet away from the patient and makes movements in the console that correspond to smaller movements inside the patient’s body (Shu-Yin et al. 155). This allows the surgeon to have more room for error and yet still administer a successful procedure with little…

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