The Benefits Of Safe Sex In Schools

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I: Introduction
There have been many debates surrounding the proposition to teach safe sex and sexual health in schools. It is a topic that many people have very strong beliefs and opinions on, and with an increasingly liberal, open minded society there has been a large push towards incorporating safe sex in schools and educating students on what safe sex is and how it can be done. A large number of studies that have shown abstinence-only policies are ineffective at preventing pregnancy and the transmission of STDs, however many people still hold onto the belief that when talking about sex in schools we should be teaching abstinence-only because the only way to prevent pregnancy and STDs is if you do not have sex at all and teaching about safe sex conflicts with many student’s religious beliefs. People who believe in abstinence only policies, or no sexual education at all, also hold onto the belief that teaching safe sex education in schools will cause students to experiment and have sex, whereas if they were not exposed to the discussion of sex in school, they would remain abstinent. While abstinence is truly the only 100% effective means to not getting an STD or pregnant, it is highly ineffective and doing our students more harm than good.

II: History
Teaching safe sex in schools dates back to 1916 when Maurice Bigelow wanted to promote teaching about reproduction and sex in order to prevent the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Bigelow also wanted to coerce students into waiting to have sex with someone they love, in hopes to lower the number of people they have sex with, rather than having many partners (Carter, 2001). The idea at this time was to teach sex to protect core, American family values; however, Bigelow’s view was incredibly progressive thinking. Sex had not been a topic of classroom discussion before this time. III: Critical Media Literacy
The topic of safe sex tends to lean with political views. If someone who identifies as a conservative, or tends to lean more to the right on the political spectrum, were to talk about sexual education, in general they believe in abstinence only policies, teaching about sex at home and leaving it out of schools, or omitting any discussion
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