The Benefits Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

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Uniforms have been used for centuries for things like sports, military affairs, and to help identify someone that is affiliated with a group or an organization. One place they should not be used is in public schools. In this day in age uniforms are still being argued and could still appear is school around the country causing problems. When I was in middle school I had uniforms for about four years and it made me hate school even more. None of the benefits that administration said we would get from uniforms ever materialized. They said it would put an end to bullying and we would still have some kind of freedom when it came to picking accessories. The uniforms were costly for my parents and as a student it made it hard for me to express myself. With that being said middle school students should not be required to wear school uniforms. School uniforms can be harmful to students physiologically. Linne Hoofnagle, former staff writer for the Tiger Hi-Line, wrote an article titled “Uniforms Limit Number of Outlets for Creativity and Self-Expression,” that stated, “The gender-specific uniform guidelines often reinforce the gender binary in the school environment” (Hoofnagle). Basically, she is saying if a child is transgender that he or she would have to dress according to the gender they were assigned at birth which could be traumatic to the child. For that reason, uniforms could harm the child mentally and initiate problems with the growth of making the LGBTQ community have a sense of normalcy in the schools. School uniforms do nothing to prevent bullying. Linne Hoofnagle’s article goes on to say that, “If we convince ourselves that placing limits on clothing choices will eliminate school bullying, we are kidding ourselves” (Hoofnagle). The idea that all the harassment that takes place in school is centered around student’s wardrobes is preposterous. If you make students all dress alike the center of the bullying may move to if they have money, the presence or absence of glasses, condition of their skin, height, and weight. School faculty and administration are just looking at the superficial causes of bullying and not looking at the root of the problem. As a result, they are not only punishing the bully by
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