The Benefits Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

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It all started in England. In 1222, the first uniform ever was recorded. It was similar to a robe and was called a “cappa clausa”. However, modern school uniforms began in the 1500’s when a boarding school in England required a blue cloak and yellow stockings. More schools picked up the trend until private and preparatory schools were practically known for them. Today, most of England’s elementary and secondary schools wear uniforms to unite the children regardless of their financial situation. The controversy with school uniforms is mainly in the US, however, and began in Washington DC and Maryland. The schools gave the option to wear school uniforms and noticed a decrease in behavioral issues, so more schools switched over. In1994, a California school district released the first statistical information on the benefits of school uniforms (Meleen). That is where the debate starts today. Many people disagree about whether or not uniforms are good for children’s development and if a notable impact can be seen by schools who make the switch. People also think that because public schools are funded by the government and there were no laws on uniforms that they should not be legal. The people who like school uniforms have many reasons to enjoy them. Long Beach, California was the first school district to fully switch to uniforms. After they switched, they released statistics on their change in behavior based on previous discipline rates versus their new discipline rates. They
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