The Benefits Of School Uniforms In Schools

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Never once was there a time that I walked down the hallways at school without hearing at least one kid get picked on about their clothes. Everyone knew the popular kids from the weird kids, the rich from the poor, and the nerds from the jocks based on their clothing alone. Our school was divided into social groups because of clothing types. Then we got school uniforms. Once we got them, the school became more peaceful. No one got picked on because of their clothes; that was because we all dressed the same. The amount of bullying went down and the sense of kindness soon began to fill the school. The utilization of school uniforms in public schools creates many benefits for students. What is a school uniform? It is a standard set of clothing students wear when attending school. Most schools maintain a similar uniform policy which typically consists of approximately 13 items: four tops, four pants, four pairs of socks, and typically one other accessory (Ellison, 2017). The school determines what the color of the clothes must be. Most commonly, the colors of khaki, navy, and white are utilized because they are basic, neutral colors. These colors tend to coordinate easily and are not considered gender specific. Not to mention, school uniforms are geared to present students with a slightly dressier appearance than if they were wearing just sweatpants or jeans. Students at a public elementary school in Toledo, Ohio can choose to wear white, light blue, dark blue, or
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